Letter to Malala

Dear Malala, What I think about the Shooting that happened to you is that you were brave. You were brave enough to go to school even with the Taliban. You also thought of others in your various speeches. Including standing up for girls rights and rights for going to school. You are admirable because you … More Letter to Malala

Mini Memoir

Thinking back on my first day of school, I was not too worried.  At least not as much as my mom.  I remember that day very well, I was wearing my school uniform and had my Toy Story book bag.  I felt confident and I was ready to discover what school was all about.  My mom kept … More Mini Memoir

Waves Cut Deep

Sometimes the ocean can be scary. I’d rather be on the prairie. The waves cut deep. Hate it’s feeling on my feet. I can overcome it by forgetting. I’m not letting it take control because the ocean is scary, but not anymore.