Randy Pausch: The Last lecture independent reading #4

This story is about Randy Pausch, a man who had many hopes and dreams. Randy has 3 kids, he loves them and wants them to always pursue their dreams. He also has a wife Jai. He had many dreams for himself such as being a football player,a Disney Imagineer, and being a scientist. One day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although this was bad this didn’t put him down. Instead of feeling sad that he would die he decided to chase his dreams (kind of like a bucket list). He knows his biggest dream he needs to accomplish is setting things up for when he dies. He started thinking and got the idea of a lecture for his children since they wouldn’t remember him.He accomplishes many of his dreams such as being a game designer. But finally he realizes how to do the lecture. He didn’t want the lecture only for his kids, he wanted it for every one. He decided to do the last lecture at Carnegie Mellon University. Where he would record it for his kids and release the book for the public. In the lecture he decided to share how he felt about his wife and whole family. In 2008 he died of cancer. Although he died we remember him for his last lecture and contribution to his family.


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