The Giver: Life as it should be?

I just read The Giver by Lois Lowry and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

The Giver takes place in Utopian community filled with rules and restrictions.  The story is told through the experiences of the main character, Jonas. Through Jonas’ eyes we can see that what is seen as a perfect society is merely fiction since the truth that lies beneath is far from perfect.  To protect the residents, their memory of anything related to the past has been wiped away and stored within one person in the community.  In this community some of the restrictions are that they cannot see in color, they do  not feel emotions, and they do not feel pain.

In their community everyone is assigned a job, they are not allowed to stray from their assignment.  In the “Ceremony of 12” Jonas was assigned to be the Receiver, this was the community’s most privileged position.  He was to train and receive all the knowledge that the “Giver” possess.  Jonas’ friends Asher and Fiona help Jonas through any situation.  Jonas has a mom, a dad, and a sister.  His dad is nurturer and takes care of newborns. As Jonas went to his first training as receiver,he met the Giver. The Giver was a old man who was alone in his vast house. The Giver holds all the memories of the people. Jonas’ training is feeling and experiencing memories. The training evolves him  experiencing memories in color and pain. Some were nice memories but some were horrifying memories.   Meanwhile Jonas’ dad is working at the nurture center when a baby named Gabriel is underweight.  When babies are underweight or twins they release the baby.  The Giver helps teach Jonas that releasing is a form of killing.  So Jonas tries to stop it by crossing the barrier.  Jonas takes Gabriel with him to cross the barrier.  The chiefs and elders don’t want him to cross because it will restore color,memories,and pain. Jonas learned the ability to transfer memories by touching someone.  He transfers many memories to Gabriel so he survives.  Finally when he crosses peace is restored to all and the they find themselves with memories and joy.


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